EvaClean Donates Disinfectant to Convoy Disaster Relief Efforts

2022-12-01 00:36:26 By : Ms. Selina Liu

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Forbes 2021 Top 100 Charity Convoy of Hope provides humanitarian services to disaster victims around the world. Since Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on September 30th, Convoy of Hope Disaster Services Teams have distributed relief supplies to over 100,000 people, while also continuing to serve Hurricane Fiona survivors in Puerto Rico as well as Kentucky residents who suffered catastrophic flooding last July. Disaster teams assist survivors by delivering water, food, building materials and other much needed supplies. Convoy of Hope is a boots-on-the-ground organization who also partners with other non-profits, businesses, and government agencies to help distribute supplies to people affected by disaster.  Disinfection Of Poultry Farm

EvaClean Donates Disinfectant to Convoy Disaster Relief Efforts

While attending a recent cleaning industry trade show in search of new partners to further support Disaster Services Teams, Convoy of Hope found EvaClean, a well-known provider of infection prevention solutions. EvaClean promptly committed to donating 149 pallets of its PurOne Cleaner and Disinfectant tablets as well as 80 Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers to help mitigate mold damage in flood affected areas.

Ethan Forhetz, Convoy of Hope National spokesperson says, "We are grateful to EvaClean for its incredible donation. The PurOne tablets will be instrumental in enabling survivors to clean up after the storm’s devastation in a safe and environmentally friendly way.”

In addition to mold, receding floodwaters can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria like E. coli, Staph and Strep, which can lead to illness and infections. Though bleach is commonly used to address these issues, it can be harmful to health and the environment. Safety is a key reason Convoy of Hope was intrigued by PurOne. Its unique NaDCC chemistry creates HOCL when mixed with water, which is biodegradable and has the lowest toxicity rating yet possesses four-times the killing power of bleach. 

Convoy of Hope was equally impressed with PurOne’s ease of use. The tablets conveniently dilute to various strengths, ranging from food surface safe sanitizer to hospital-grade sporicidal, and can be used to clean, disinfect, eliminate mold, and kill many dangerous pathogens. Moreover, PurOne is easier to transport and store as one pallet is the equivalent of a truckload of bleach. PurOne is also one of the few products that is EPA registered for electrostatic sprayer application. EvaClean’s Protexus electrostatic sprayers give users the ability to disinfect more surface area faster, more completely and with less chemical.

Steve Wilson, CEO of EvaClean said, “It is a privilege to support Convoy of Hope and contribute necessary relief supplies to help Disaster Services Team get Florida citizens back on their feet.”

EvaClean’s donation of over six million tablets ensures enough product to clean more than 60 billion square feet or over 15 billion square feet when deep cleaning.

“EvaClean's generosity allows Convoy to significantly impact long-term recovery in Florida and enables our Disaster Services Teams to continue offering help to those who need it," says Forhetz.

As Hurricane Ian survivors begin to rebuild their lives, Convoy of Hope and its partner organizations will be distributing flood buckets with PurOne tablets and other relief supplies to the more than 128,000 individuals and families in need. Response teams will then look at serving other disaster-affected areas as well.

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EvaClean Donates Disinfectant to Convoy Disaster Relief Efforts

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