Johnny Scott captures Tribute to Don and Billie Gibson as Show-Me 100 weekend opens -

2022-05-29 01:40:57 By : Ms. Sunny Ye

WHEATLAND, MO. (May 27, 2022) – Johnny Scott outlasted Jonathan Davenport in a wild and bouncy back-and-forth battle Friday night, capturing the 40-lap Tribute to Don and Billie Gibson on opening night of the 30th annual Show-Me 100 Presented by weekend at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Scott made the decisive pass with eight laps remaining, the sixth and final lead change of the race, to take the $6,000 victory and set himself up with valuable points toward the starting lineup for Saturday night’s record-paying $50,000-to-win 100-lap main event.

“This win is huge,” Scott said after his first career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series victory. The Lucas Oil MLRA Series points leader won the opening night of the 9th annual MLRA Spring Nationals at Lucas Oil Speedway on April 22 and had not raced since that weekend due to a bad back.

“I’m just glad to be back out here,” Scott said. “Hopefully we can keep this rolling and try to win this thing tomorrow. Heck, I’m gassed right now. That was a rough track.”

A total of 63 Late Models checked into the pits – the most for the event since 2018 – representing 21 states.

Davenport started outside of row one and grabbed the early lead before third-starting Scott used the inside groove to pass him at the start-finish line to complete lap five. The battle ensued from there with those two – and others – frequently bouncing through both ends of the the speedway.

Several days of rain clearly had made the conditions rugged. Davenport, of Blairsville, Georgia, joked that Scott’s ranching background in Las Cruces, New Mexico, made a difference.

“I guess start riding bulls and horses and everything like he does,” Davenport said, when asked what could have made a difference. “But no, he did a great job there. I was just trying to find the smoothest line around the race track.”

Those two jockeyed back and forth with Scott going back in front on lap 18 for the fourth lead change. Scott had a .625-second advantage on lap 21 when the race was red-flagged after third-place Mike Marler went backwards into the wall between turns one and two.

Marler gingerly climbed out of the car and was checked over by safety personnel, his night finished and his car towed away. Ricky Thornton Jr. inherited third place for the restart with Ashton Winger fourth and Jimmy Owens fifth.

As the race resumed, Davenport needed only two laps before taking the lead and he quickly opened up the biggest gap of the race, about 10 car lengths over Scott.

But back came Scott, closing quickly and sailing past Davenport with a slide job in turns three and four on lap 32. Scott pulled away form there and prevailed by about 10 car lengths at the finish of the 40-lapper. Both Scott and Davenport were driving a Longhorn chassis.

Scott said he saw Davenport, the 2015 Show-Me 100 winner, having success by going to the high side in turns three and four and decided to give it a shot.

“I needed to move my line up in three and four. It got so rough on the bottom that I couldn’t get through there,” Scott said. “I saw ‘JD’ was getting through there pretty good and I went up there and started reeling him in, got by him and I just tried to hit my marks from there.”

Davenport called Lucas Oil Speedway “one of the nicest facilities in the world, but it had a whole lot of character tonight and wasn’t very fun to drive on. We’ve still got 100 laps tomorrow so maybe they can make it a little more race-car friendly.

“I just couldn’t hang on like (Scott) could. He was a little bit better. I saw him bicycle two or three times getting into one on top. That was definitely the fastest line, but we just started going in the middle and trying to keep our stuff together for tomorrow.”

Four-time Show-Me 100 winner Owens finished third with defending Show-Me 100 champ Hudson O’Neal rallying from 13th to fourth. Ricky Thornton Jr. wound up fifth. Garrett Alberson improved 16 spots, moving from 24th to an eighth-place finish.

Scott and Davenport will start on the front row of the 100-lapper with Owens and O’Neal on row two. Six-time Show-Me 100 winner Scott Bloomquist finished 15th in Friday’s feature and will open the big main event on the inside of row eight.

Chad Simpson was the first of the 63 drivers out and he posted Allstar Performance fast qualifying time, leading Group A at 15.068 seconds. Davenport led Group B with a fast time of 15.260.

Simpson wound up 13th in the feature, which honored Don and Billie Gibson, the originators of the Show-Me 100 at West Plains Motor Speedway, where the race was held from 1993-2009.

Drivers earned points on Friday for entering the event and attempting to compete, earning the fastest qualifying time in their group and for where they finished in the B-Main or A-Main. Those points combined will determine the lineups for Saturday night’s finale and B-Mains.

Middaugh captures USRA Modified win: Ryan Middaugh of Fulton grabbed the lead with four laps remaining and held off Dillon McCowan for the Cedar Creek Beef Jerky USRA Modified 20-lap feature victory.

Middaugh finished one second in front of McCowan, who led 15 of the 20 laps and seemed to be in command of the race until numerous caution flags intervened.

“I was just trying to find my way around those guys any way I could. Those restarts really helped me,” said Middaugh, who advanced from a seventh-starting position to pick up his first feature win of the season after a pair of runner-up finishes.

The feature had a tough time getting any kind of rhythm with four caution flags before three laps could be completed. Johnny Fennewald led the opening lap and McCowan went in front on lap two, swapping positions with his fellow front-row starter.

McCowan had opened a 2.2-second lead by lap four when yet another caution waved. He then checked out to a 4.1-second lead over Tyler Davis when the sixth yellow appeared, on lap 13.

Middaugh, who started seventh, moved around Davis on the restart was just over one second behind the leader when caution No. 7 came out with five laps to go. He took advantage of the opportunity and took over the lead on lap 16 – but couldn’t pull away as another yellow slowed action.

Middaugh held steady from there to beat McCowan with Davis third, Jared Russell fourth and Donnie Barnhart finishing fifth.

“I kind of got the bottom rolling in three and fourth; I couldn’t get it in one and two,” Middaugh said. “I got to Dillon there and we had a caution. He just made one mistake and then I kind of took his line in three and four.”


30th annual Show-Me 100 Presented by

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/Lucas Oil MLRA

A Feature – 1. 1ST-Johnny Scott[3]; 2. 49-Jonathan Davenport[2]; 3. 20-Jimmy Owens[7]; 4. 71-Hudson O’Neal[13]; 5. 20RT-Ricky Thornton Jr[14]; 6. 89-Ashton Winger[9]; 7. 40B-Kyle Bronson[19]; 8. 58-Garrett Alberson[24]; 9. 15V-Kolby Vandenbergh[8]; 10. 22F-Chris Ferguson[18]; 11. 1-Brandon Sheppard[11]; 12. 91P-Jason Papich[5]; 13. 25-Chad Simpson[22]; 14. 32-Bobby Pierce[10]; 15. 0-Scott Bloomquist[15]; 16. 46-Earl Pearson Jr[4]; 17. 39-Tim McCreadie[17]; 18. 21-Billy Moyer Jr[6]; 19. 1S-Jeremy Shaw[21]; 20. 15L-Payton Looney[12]; 21. 157-Mike Marlar[1]; 22. 3S-Brian Shirley[20]; 23. 18J-Chase Junghans[16]; 24. 18-Shannon Babb[23]

Fast Shafts B Main 1 – 1. 40B-Kyle Bronson[2]; 2. 25-Chad Simpson[1]; 3. 56-Tony Jackson Jr[4]; 4. 86-Kyle Beard[5]; 5. 11-Spencer Hughes[3]; 6. 90-Brian Rickman[8]; 7. 50C-Kaeden Cornell[6]; 8. 45-Kylan Garner[7]; 9. 18P-Shannon Parker[12]; 10. 65H-Dewaine Hottinger[10]; 11. 23-John Blankenship[14]; 12. 14M-Reid Millard[13]; 13. 7J-Jay Fields[16]; 14. 65-Jon Binning[9]; 15. 32S-Chris Simpson[15]; 16. 12-Scott Crigler[11]

UNOH B Main 2 – 1. 3S-Brian Shirley[2]; 2. 18-Shannon Babb[1]; 3. 04-Tad Pospisil[3]; 4. 97-Cade Dillard[5]; 5. 2S-Stormy Scott[6]; 6. 18D-Daulton Wilson[8]; 7. 7W-Cole Wells[9]; 8. 11T-Trevor Gundaker[7]; 9. 10-Jacob Magee[4]; 10. 3-Brennon Willard[10]; 11. 50K-Kayden Clatt[15]; 12. 10W-John Willard[12]; 13. 22H-Daniel Hilsabeck[14]; 14. (DNS) 6H-Al Humphrey; 15. (DNS) 14W-Dustin Walker B Main 3 – 1. 1S-Jeremy Shaw[2]; 2. 58-Garrett Alberson[3]; 3. 1T-Tyler Erb[5]; 4. 21XXX-Neil Baggett[1]; 5. 36-Logan Martin[7]; 6. 98-Ben Schaller[10]; 7. 1X-Aaron Marrant[4]; 8. 7-Ross Robinson[6]; 9. 93-Mason Oberkramer[12]; 10. 11K-Jon Kirby[8]; 11. 9J-Joseph Gorby[9]; 12. 78S-Steve Stultz[11]; 13. 26-Glen Powell[13]; 14. 10J-Joseph Joiner[14]

Penske Shocks Heat 1 – 1. 157-Mike Marlar[2]; 2. 20-Jimmy Owens[3]; 3. 71-Hudson O’Neal[6]; 4. 25-Chad Simpson[1]; 5. 11-Spencer Hughes[5]; 6. 86-Kyle Beard[9]; 7. 45-Kylan Garner[7]; 8. 65-Jon Binning[8]; 9. 12-Scott Crigler[10]; 10. 14M-Reid Millard[11]; 11. (DNF) 32S-Chris Simpson[4]

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 – 1. 1ST-Johnny Scott[2]; 2. 89-Ashton Winger[1]; 3. 0-Scott Bloomquist[4]; 4. 40B-Kyle Bronson[5]; 5. 56-Tony Jackson Jr[3]; 6. 50C-Kaeden Cornell[8]; 7. 90-Brian Rickman[6]; 8. 65H-Dewaine Hottinger[7]; 9. 18P-Shannon Parker[9]; 10. 23-John Blankenship[10]; 11. 7J-Jay Fields[11]

Simpson Race Products Heat 3 – 1. 91P-Jason Papich[2]; 2. 1-Brandon Sheppard[1]; 3. 39-Tim McCreadie[5]; 4. 18-Shannon Babb[4]; 5. 04-Tad Pospisil[3]; 6. 97-Cade Dillard[6]; 7. 11T-Trevor Gundaker[7]; 8. 7W-Cole Wells[9]; 9. 14W-Dustin Walker[10]; 10. 6H-Al Humphrey[8]

Ohlins Shocks Heat 4 – 1. 49-Jonathan Davenport[1]; 2. 15V-Kolby Vandenbergh[2]; 3. 20RT-Ricky Thornton Jr[8]; 4. 3S-Brian Shirley[6]; 5. 10-Jacob Magee[5]; 6. 2S-Stormy Scott[4]; 7. 18D-Daulton Wilson[7]; 8. 3-Brennon Willard[11]; 9. 10W-John Willard[10]; 10. 22H-Daniel Hilsabeck[3]; 11. 50K-Kayden Clatt[9]

Wrisco Industries Heat 5 – 1. 46-Earl Pearson Jr[1]; 2. 32-Bobby Pierce[3]; 3. 18J-Chase Junghans[4]; 4. 21XXX-Neil Baggett[6]; 5. 58-Garrett Alberson[2]; 6. 1T-Tyler Erb[5]; 7. 36-Logan Martin[8]; 8. 9J-Joseph Gorby[7]; 9. 78S-Steve Stultz[9]; 10. 26-Glen Powell[10]

Heat 6 – 1. 21-Billy Moyer Jr[2]; 2. 15L-Payton Looney[3]; 3. 22F-Chris Ferguson[4]; 4. 1S-Jeremy Shaw[1]; 5. 1X-Aaron Marrant[5]; 6. 7-Ross Robinson[9]; 7. 11K-Jon Kirby[7]; 8. 98-Ben Schaller[6]; 9. 93-Mason Oberkramer[8]; 10. 10J-Joseph Joiner[10]

Cedar Creek Beef Jerky USRA Modifieds

A Feature – 1. 21M-Ryan Middaugh[7]; 2. 8-Dillon McCowan[2]; 3. 65-Tyler Davis[4]; 4. 4R-Jared Russell[10]; 5. 11B-Donnie Barnhart[6]; 6. 38C-Jason Pursley[3]; 7. 21-Johnny Fennewald[1]; 8. 98-Jeff Cutshaw[11]; 9. 03-Chase Jones[20]; 10. 73-Mickey Burrell[9]; 11. 18JR-Chase Sigg[16]; 12. 23-Lucas Dobbs[17]; 13. (DNF) 247-Jarret Dotson[14]; 14. (DNF) 22H-Dustin Hodges[15]; 15. (DNF) 7-Daniel Franklin[19]; 16. (DNF) 51-Lucas Gibbs[27]; 17. (DNF) 16S-Eric Turner[5]; 18. (DNF) 96-Cody Brill[22]; 19. (DNF) 127-Paden Phillips[8]; 20. (DNF) 15W-Wyatt Gaggero[12]; 21. (DNF) 75L-Lane Whitney[18]; 22. (DNF) 21TW-Tracy Wolf[28]; 23. (DNF) 3J-Lewis Jackson[25]; 24. (DNS) 28C-Thomas Creech; 25. (DNS) 91-Joe Duvall; 26. (DNS) 29-Dennis Elliott; 27. (DNS) 24D-Donnie Fellers; 28. (DNS) 1X-Matt Johnson; 29. (DNS) 155-Colson Kir

Heat 1 – 1. 21-Johnny Fennewald[9]; 2. 38C-Jason Pursley[5]; 3. 4R-Jared Russell[3]; 4. 21M-Ryan Middaugh[8]; 5. 18JR-Chase Sigg[4]; 6. 75L-Lane Whitney[2]; 7. 03-Chase Jones[7]; 8. 28C-Thomas Creech[10]; 9. (DNF) 91-Joe Duvall[6]; 10. (DNS) 155-Colson Kirk

Heat 2 – 1. 65-Tyler Davis[1]; 2. 16S-Eric Turner[4]; 3. 73-Mickey Burrell[2]; 4. 15W-Wyatt Gaggero[5]; 5. 98-Jeff Cutshaw[9]; 6. 23-Lucas Dobbs[7]; 7. 7-Daniel Franklin[8]; 8. 96-Cody Brill[6]; 9. (DNF) 3J-Lewis Jackson[3]; 10. (DNF) 21TW-Tracy Wolf[10]

Heat 3 – 1. 8-Dillon McCowan[7]; 2. 11B-Donnie Barnhart[2]; 3. 127-Paden Phillips[4]; 4. 29-Dennis Elliott[3]; 5. 247-Jarret Dotson[6]; 6. 22H-Dustin Hodges[9]; 7. (DNF) 24D-Donnie Fellers[1]; 8. (DNF) 1X-Matt Johnson[5]; 9. (DNF) 51-Lucas Gibbs[8]

Saturday’s big finale and Nutrien Ag Solutions Pre-Race Ceremonies Presented by Missouri Division of Tourism: On Saturday night, consolation events for the Lucas Oil Late Models and the USRA Modifieds will be held, plus the Midwest Sheet Metal Show-Me Challenge. The Lucas Oil Show-Me 100 main event will follow the Midwest Sheet Metal Show-Me Challenge. The USRA Modifieds will cap off the weekend action with their $1,500-to-win main event.

Action-packed racing isn’t the only thing bringing excitement to fans with opening ceremonies starting at 6 p.m. sure to leave everyone talking. The Nutrien Ag Solutions Pre-Race Ceremonies-presented by Missouri Division of Tourism, starting at 6 p.m., will include introducing the Grand Marshal of the 30th Annual Show-Me 100, country music star and RCA recording artist, Aaron Tippin.

As part of the opening ceremonies, the Clinton High School Army JROTC color guard will presents the colors as Tippin leads the spectators in the Pledge of Allegiance. Danny Terrell, an up-and-coming local country music artist, will sing the National Anthem. During the Anthem, the All-Veterans Group Sky Dive Team Presented by the Missouri Division of Tourism will display the American Flag as they precisely land on track’s infield in front of the fans.

The Racing for Heroes Organization and representatives will be attending the event and sharing all the great things the Racing for Heroes Organization is doing for veterans. Racing for Heroes will assist in helping us honor all the veterans and the military during on Memorial Day Weekend as part of the event.

Tippin will sing two of his hit songs, “You got to Stand for Something,” and “Where the Star and Stripes and Eagles Fly,” just before the Nutrien Ag Solutions driver introductions- presented by O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Spectator and pit gates open at 3 p.m.

Pit gate closes, 2:30 p.m.

Pit gate re-opens, 3 p.m.

General admission gates open, 3 p.m.

Dirt Racing Outreach Service, 3:15 p.m.

MAVTV Plus Stream Broadcast begins, 5:30 p.m. CDT

Nutrien Ag Solutions Pre-Race Ceremonies-presented by Missouri Division of Tourism, 6 p.m.

MAVTV Live Broadcast begins, 9 p.m. CDT

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/MLRA B-Main Hot Laps

USRA Modified B-Main Hot Laps

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/MLRA B-Mains (15 laps)

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/MLRA A-Main Transfer Hot Laps

USRA Modified A-Main Transfer Hot Laps

Midwest Sheet Metal Lucas Oil Late Model/MLRA Show-Me Challenge (20 laps)

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/MLRA A-Main (100 laps Show-Me 100)

USRA Modified A Main (30 laps)

2021 – Hudson O’Neal, Martinsville, Ind.

2014 – Don O’Neal, Martinsville, Ind.

2010 – Ray Cook, Brasstown, N.C.

2000 – Ray Cook, Brasstown, N.C.

1997 – Rick Aukland, Fargo, N.C.

Saturday: $40 general admission adults, $37 seniors (62 and up) and Military; $10 youth (ages 6-15); FREE kids (ages 5-and-under); $90 family pass; $45 pit pass.

To purchase tickets for the Show-Me 100 or any event on Lucas Oil Speedway’s schedule, or to inquire about camping information, contact Admissions Director Nichole McMillan at (417) 295-6043 or via email at

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